Go Third Party

When we take a look at the recent election we had here in the United States, it is easy to see why so many are disillusioned with how things are going right now. Not only do they feel as though neither major party is representing their interests, but they also think that the candidates they are putting forward are not very impressive at all. Whether you have people who are not qualified, or you have those who are tainted by corruption their whole careers, it is really not the best political environment right now.

But we should not give up on the political process. We should never think that we cannot improve our nation and the world through politics. Because the moment we start thinking in those terms, we would let the corrupt and the elites win. What we want to do is take a look at the many 3rd party presidential candidates that are on the ballot each year. Not only are these candidates going to serve the people, because they are one of you, but they are also going to get rid of all the corruption that is plaguing Washington these days. So if you care about the country where you live, consider going third party.

You may think it is a wasted vote, but this is the type of mentality that is really going to bring about change in the United States. Instead of thinking of your third party vote as something that does not count, think of it as the first step in everybody realizing that they are not bound down to the two party system that is currently the cornerstone of every election in the United States. Start by voting independents in local positions, and go all the way up to those who are running as a third, fourth or fifth alternative in the presidential elections too.