When you are this inspired you won’t mind reading more music theory

You have always enjoyed music, since you were a little child. Most of the time you were confined to the radio and the record collection that your parents and older siblings had accumulated over the years. These records were indicative of different tastes. You experienced different genres from classical piano music to bebop jazz. You were exposed to folk rock and the opera. Now, you have acquired your own tastes.

With the advent of software technologies, you are now exposed to thousands more songs and compositions. While this could overwhelm you, you have managed to refine your choices. You select what are your favorites and introduce yourself to new artists and their compositions over time. Now, you would not mind playing a musical instrument of your own. You would not mind playing the piano or the classical guitar.

You would not even mind touching base with a set of drums or trying out a nicely polished brass horn. But you need to learn how to play these instruments, first and foremost. By now though, you are just so inspired that you would not mind indulging in some music theory for beginners. Your interest in music and your inspiration derived there from has already taken you on some formative journeys. You’ve listened to the music.

But you’ve also been reading up on some of the greats. More learning is your world of oysters. Today, like your music downloads, you can get it all online from the internet. Skills and knowledge from accomplished musicians and maestros will be shared with you through a series of music workbooks, CDs and downloadable books. You will also learn how to play with words and compose your own lyrics.