My New Drum Kit

I am a drummer, and so there is nothing more important to me than having the nicest sounding kit possible in order to make sure that the rhythm section of my band always sounds great.  Recently, I decided that it was time for me to get a whole new kit, and that was when I discovered the tama star classic.  This is a beautiful looking drum kit that also sounds just as good as it looks.  After playing on it once, I felt very comfortable sitting down at it, and that was another important thing to me.  I was not quite sure that this was the kit I wanted yet, as buying a whole new drum kit is a pretty big investment, and so I wanted to make absolutely sure that I was making the right choice.  That was why I decided to look over a whole bunch of info about the newest drum kits before I made my decision.

I also visited a bunch of local music stores in order to try out a number of kits before I bought one.  After playing on a whole lot of newer drum kits, I decided that the tama kit had the best look, feel, and sound for me and my band.  Not only that, but for the price, there was not a single kit out there that was able to beat it.  This is why my decision actually came pretty easy, as the tama kit was the best kit available for the price that I was willing to pay.

If you are a drummer who is looking for a very high quality, full drum kit at a very reasonable price, I would definitely suggest looking into this particular tama drum kit to see if it works for you.